Upholding and Promoting the Fundamental Principles of Hippocratic Medicine

Mission Statement

The Alliance for Hippocratic Medicine (AHM) upholds and promotes the fundamental principles of Hippocratic medicine.  These principles include protecting the vulnerable at the beginning and end of life, seeking the ultimate good for the patient with compassion and moral integrity, and providing healthcare with the highest standards of excellence based on medical science.


As members of the Alliance for Hippocratic Medicine, we affirm our agreement to practice according to the Essential Hippocratic Oath, which states:

  • In the presence of the Almighty, I promise that I will fulfill this Oath to the best of my ability.
  • Those who have taught me the art of Medicine I will respect, and I will seek to faithfully impart my knowledge to those who also accept this covenant and to whom I am a mentor.
  • I will always seek the physical and emotional well-being of my patients, according to my best ability and judgment, being careful to cause no intentional harm.
  • I will not participate in euthanasia or help a patient to commit suicide, nor will I suggest such courses of action. Similarly, I will not help a woman obtain an abortion. In purity and holiness I will maintain the utmost respect for human life from the moment of fertilization until the moment of natural death, carefully guarding my role as a healer.
  • When indicated, I will seek the counsel of those with appropriate special skills for the treatment of my patient.
  • I will always act for the benefit of the sick, treating all with professional and moral integrity, with respect and dignity. I will avoid all sexual involvement with my patients.
  • Those things that I learn from or about my patient in confidence, I will hold in strict confidence.
  • May I be found faithful to these promises and may I enjoy the practice of my art, being respected as one who is dedicated to the healing of the sick.


  • Sanctity of life which is defined as beginning at fertilization and ending in natural death.
  • Sanctity of the body asserting no difference between biological sex and gender except in the case of rare, diagnosable disorders of sexual development
  • The importance of passing on our medical knowledge and expertise to those who follow and are like-minded.
  • The importance of seeking what is best for the patient.
  • The avoidance of intentional harm.
  • The avoidance of any sexual involvement with patients.
  • Strict patient confidentiality.
  • The importance of full informed and non-coerced consent for medical care, with the recognition that the intentional ending of human life is not medical care.
  • The ability of a healthcare professional to practice what is best for their patient according to the professional’s best medical judgment.
  • The ability of a healthcare professional to refuse to provide an effective referral for or to materially cooperate with pharmaceutical, social, or surgical interventions or practices that harm or kill a patient.


Members commit to support the Mission and Values of the Alliance for Hippocratic Medicine through active participation in, and financial support of, AHM committees and initiatives.

Our Partnering Organizations

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